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I usually feel that I learn as much from my clients as they do from me. The very best tours are an exchange of ideas and a sharing of knowledge that goes both ways. Most tours end with a handshake (or sometimes a hug!), and the feeling that a new friendship has been created. That's even better than a five star review.

This Town Stroll/Walking Tour was a real highlight of my brief visit to Seldovia. Cindy is generous with her knowledge, and she knows how to teach by raising curiosity and learning together. The natural history -- including but not limited to learning about birds, plants, berries, fish, tides, beaches, trees, gardens, and so much else! -- enriched the history of the town and the personal anecdotes of a real local! I recommend this tour without hesitation -- she made an already rich and meaningful visit to Seldovia even richer and even more meaningful. Gunalcheesh to Cindy and Seldovia Nature tours!


Louise Ashmun

Seldovia is just across Kachemak Bay from Homer, but the environment is quite different--temperate rainforest like Prince William Sound and Southeast Alaska. Cindy's knowledge of local birds, plants, and intertidal life is superb and she can help you get those perfect photos. She knows the people, history, and the culture of the area and blends that seamlessly into her conversations. Her enthusiasm and infectious smile make it obvious that Cindy loves sharing her home with others. Seeing Seldovia with Cindy is a great add-on to a visit to Homer.

Cindy Mom provided a lovely tour of Seldovia on our bird watching trip. Her excitement and passion are contagious!   I was amazed that while speaking to our group she could at the same time be birding by ear. It really was incredible to see and hear all the birds around us. Had I not been with Cindy would have been oblivious to their presence. Seldovia has a unique feel and is worth the travel.


Leslie Miner


Yehuda Sinai

Thanks again for the illuminating and enjoyable times yesterday and today. It was excellent.


Wendy Sue Superman

Cindy is so knowledgeable and was great with my two girls! They learned so much from her and can't stop talking about it!

Had a grand hike with Cindy along the Otterbahn trail. I thoroughly enjoyed Cindy's lively and fascinating natural history information and stories. It's a delight to travel through these glorious old-growth boreal forest woods with someone who knows them so well and loves them so much!

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